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Thoughts & information read with care – always seek professional advice.

Thoughts & information read with care – always seek professional advice.

These posts are not professional advice but my experiences and the things I have learnt, if you read the following posts over time you will hopefully gain some knowledge about creating Apps and work out put what questions you need to ask your developer.

The beginning

My thoughts & information read with care – always seek professional advice.

Since I started on this journey of creating Apps there, has been a steep learning curve with quite a few hurdles and challenges, I offer what I have learnt to others in a hope that it helps them understand what Apps are about, how not to waste money and the things that should be addressed when considering creating an App.

Why create an App

Why create an App

Apps are the new tool that is available to business to assist in connecting with their customers.

  • The development of an App normally is to  enhance the business service to its existing and enticing new customers or to create an income from the App
  • To assist or inform people provided free of cost
  • To allow people to provide information back to the organisation or company
  • As an extension to an organisation or company’s website & services provided free of cost
  • To use the App as a source to generate income

Generally the driver is to make money from an App, one thing I did understand from my experience of working with websites is that people don’t really understand what they can lose, all they see is how much money they think it will make.
Unless they understand the basics of how Apps work they will leave themselves open to losing the time & money invested, there are many App developers and a variety of costs, each will tell you a story of how great the App idea is and they are only too willing to work with you.

They do not have an invested interest in the end product, or result, so as long as they are getting paid to create it they will say it’s a great idea.

Enhancing your service by using an App.

The development of an App normally is to enhance the business service to its existing and enticing new customers or to create an income from the App

This post is about using an App to assist in enhancing your business, this needs to be looked at carefully, having an App that is not opened by the user very often soon gets uninstalled.

Example: I went to the Dentist for a check-up the other day, after the check-up they wanted me to download their new App so I could make my next appointment in six months’ time!

My thoughts:   They want me to download an App that takes up phone storage to make an appointment that I can make via a phone call in six months’ time.
The only other reason I can see is they wanted to track my movements via their App.     [I didn’t download it]

If you are thinking that having an App will automatically enhance your business, then I suggest that you think about it again, I am not saying Apps won’t enhance your business but you have to include a reason for the App to be used regularly, this means offering a reward or enticement, or having content that gives the user a reason to retain the App in their phone.

What is the true cost of an App.

If you decide that you really want to create that App and you have worked out its function, you know need to look at its costs, not the upfront costs but the ongoing costs.

Phone software like computer software gets updated so you have to also update your App to ensure that it functions work with the new phone software, you will also have to allow for server upgrades and changes, if you can’t perform these tasks you will have to pay someone who can.

Apple and Android  have also started a cleansing of their store Apps, this means that any Apps that have not been updated within the last 3 years are being removed from the store, any that have been downloaded will probably still work but for how long is the unknown.

So you have to look at the App you are thinking of creating, will you be updating it and will you be adding in new features and updating the App content on a regular basis.

What is the intended life cycle of the App, how long before it is no longer relevant or no longer of use, this is just another consideration to take into account of creating an App.