Locate City

Locate City, will be free to download and ideal for anybody travelling throughout Australia.

Due for release Late 2019

This App covers the following cities, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin,

Gold Coast, Hobart,  Melbourne, Perth, Sunshine Coast, Sydney.



 Locate City is an App that once opened will show Police Stations, Hospitals, Toilets, Tram Stations & Ferry Docks, within 10 kms of your device’s location. Click on the menu and then select menu item.

The App also allows you to select from another 8 Icons.  Once opened they will provide the location and information about the service. 

Owners or Managers can get their stores or services listed within the App at at little or no cost, simply go to the Locate-City website create a secure account, once validated create a listing to appear within the App. 

The web portal allows the owner or manager to update and change information, as well as having a text area that can be used to market their business. 

Locate-City is also available in Google Play and ITune stores in countries outside of Australia, so those that are visiting Australia will be able to download it before getting to Australia and on arrival will be ready to use it.