Coffee Now



People have at times been in an unfamiliar area and may want a coffee. Rather than wandering around aimlessly, expecting to stumble upon a Coffee Shop that is open, the Coffee Now App will locate and give them directions to your outlet, provided you have a listing within the App.  If the customer is within a 10kms of your coffee outlet and your business is open, your location will show up on their smart device.

This App is free to download by the user. So they have the information of your business in their hand at the time they wish to purchase, which is perfect.  For a small cost you can ensure that your business is listed on the Coffee now App.  Just visit our Website:

You, as the listed business, are in control of the information displayed and you can change directly any details such as opening or closing times, menu items or add business promotional material.

Benefits for the users are the convenience of this app as it uses little memory and no annoying advertising has to be put up with, when downloading the App.