Australian Public Toilets

Australian Public Toilets, is free to download and ideal for
anybody travelling throughout Australia.



The App on opening will locate your phone on Google Maps.

The user selects the relevant icon and any open toilet within 5kms are identified & the closest toilet is marked on the map along with directions.
The public amenity’s owner, the name & location, the facility type and other information is displayed for each location.

The user can choose another location by clicking on the map pointer.

Information that is shown for those that are mobility restricted:


  • Wheelchair Amenities RH, LH 
  • Door Opens : Outward, Inward
    Door is over 850mm wide 
  • Seat Height: Under 460mm, 460 – 480mm, Over 480mm 
  • Ambulant: Unisex, RH, LH 
  • The App can also provide the following information:
    Sharps Container Available 
  • Drinking Water Available 
  • Litter Bin Available 
  • WC Parking Available < 50M 
  • Parking Available < 100M 

Parking Notes: ex. Paid parking only
The toilets displayed when they are open with a special-15 pointer that indicates that the toilet will be closed in less than 15 minutes.

At less than 15 minutes before closing no pointer is shown, this means the user is not directed to a closed toilet.