Australian Dump Points



More and more people are heading off to tour Australia in a Caravan or Motor Home.  Campervan & Motorhome Club of Australia and Regional Councils are recognising the traveller’s needs and are providing more Dump Ezy Installations to allow any on-board storage to be disposed of environmentally.

To keep the information accurate, we request Facility owners to advise of updates and we appreciate any Customer feedback via a simple form on our website.

Once downloaded & installed,  your phone’s position is located on Google Maps.  The closest effluent dump point for RV or Motorhomes  is marked on the map, along with any others within a 250km distance.  If additional information is available,  such as the address to allow you to use your GPS, or if there are restrictions,  if fees are are charged or if additional amenities are available, it will also be displayed.

This App is now available at a low cost from your App store.