Points of Interest


Councils or Tourist bodies can list any Points of Interest that they think a visitor to their area might like to visit by simply using the website. 

These Apps will be used by anybody travelling throughout Australia, by being listed by using the Web Portal is an easy way to reach out and showcase what your area has to offer to visitors that might be going into your area. 

Locate Locally is an App that once opened it shall locate the smart device and show the location of any visitor information centres within 250 kilometres.

Locate Locally will also allow users to select the Point of Interest Icon that will be displayed along with information about what they will find. 

The web portal allows the account owner to update and change information about any listing.


Our current list of selectable Points of Interests are:

  • Botanic Gardens
  • Conversation Area
  • Cultural Centre
  • Heritage Area
  • Historical
  • Historical Memorial
  • Lookout
  • Museum
  • Panorama View
  • RSL Memorial
  • Waterfall