People have at times been in an unfamiliar area and want a coffee, so rather than wander aimlessly around expecting to stumble on one that is open.

Coffee Now will locate and give them directions to your outlet if it is listed as a coffee outlet within the App, if the customer is within a 10kms of your coffee outlet and you are open your location will show on their smart device.

Coffee Now will allow you to put your Coffee Outlet right into customer’s hands & even better by providing them the reasons to visit your Coffee outlet.

This App is free to download by the user, so being able to get your information in the customers hand at the time the wish to purchase is perfect but you need to have established your listing via the Coffee now website.

The user does not have to put up with annoying advertising when they download a Locate by App free App.

What is your online reputation like, how do you know if you have been added to an App that has your information that is not correct, how many people are using this information and are finding that you are closed or that the location is not correct.

Coffee Now is the answer to this problem.

We are aiming Coffee Now to be the App that Coffee lovers grow to trust and has the reputation for providing the right information with 100% accuracy.

Coffee Now doesn’t allow reviews & only the Coffee Outlet can make a listing, this also comes at a small cost, less than the profit margin on a Cup of Coffee a week, this cost is easily recovered by using the Coffee Now marketing strategy ability within the App to increase customers.