Getting your Caravan or Motorhome repaired when on the road when things go wrong can mean many phone calls and much time in not knowing where to go and what services are on offer are solved within the free Locate Travelling App.The Repairers can list their services, skills and what they are experts at and what accessories they can supply to make your travelling easier, on selecting the icon those that are listed within 250KMs of your location will be displayed by then selecting the map pin information about the listing is available to you.

This information will be displayed if the Repairer lists them within their listing information: Caravans, Camper Trailers, Fifth Wheelers, Motorhomes, Camper trailer kitchens, Caravan Insurance Repairs Caravan Repairs, Modifications, Servicing, Parts, Accessories, Appliances Motorhome Insurance Repairs, General Repairs, Modifications, Parts, Accessories Fifth Wheeler Insurance Repairs, General Repairs, Servicing, Slide Outs, Parts & Accessories General Parts, Accessories & Appliances, Dexter Sway Control, ESC Installations Towing Parts & Safety Items, Canvas Repair, Mobile Auto Electrician, Electrical: 12 / 24 / 240 Volt Solar, Sat Nav, Kitchens-Cabinetry, Fridge – Freezers repairs, UHF Radios.
The web portal allows the owner or manager to update and change information, as well as having a text area that can be used to market their business.

Locate-Travelling is available in Google Play and ITunes stores in countries outside of Australia, so those that are hiring motorhomes or are just travelling around Australia will be able to download it before getting to Australia and on arrival will be ready to use it.