Roadside Rest Areas

Locate by App Pty Ltd. has produced this App that we hope it will allow for the travelling public to find a Roadside Rest Area to help keep people safe when driving around Australia.

The modern vehicles of today can go for 6 hours without the need to stop for fuel, this is a major concern to most Australian State Governments, and they have created Australian Roadside Rest Areas to allow the motorist a place to pull over take a break and if need be stay overnight.

We are aware that some of the Roadside Rest Areas listed that information is not correct, this is due to the fact that Locate by App could not verify the information, although we have sourced the information from State Governments, we ask that any owners of a Roadside Rest Areas to take control of the information about the Roadsie Rest Area by using the website.

Locate by App Pty Ltd has made this App available with a Low cost that is downloaded through the App store of your choice.

This Australian application once downloaded and installed on opening your phone’s position is located on Google Maps, the closest Rest Area is marked on the map, along with any others within a 500km distance.

Additional information displayed, this information will assist you to stay with the closest marked, or you can choose another and the directions to get there will be displayed.

We have endeavoured to get accurate information on locations and information on what is presented, we encourage you to help us maintain the accuracy and will update any information within a few days of receiving new information, contained within the App is a link that will allow the user to provide us feedback via a simple form