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The same problem today is as it was 100+ years ago, getting people to the front door to sell them your service or product, the traditional method of advertising via print, or trying to be found by a website is almost outdated.

Digital content is taking over the world, businesses recognise this and turn to Facebook rather than creating a website, they also think that this will enable them to show case their services, and by hanging a Find us on Facebook sign in the front window will attract more people.

The truth is unless you spend the time after hours promoting and increasing your presence on social media it is no cheap website, today when people want to go anywhere or want to buy something, they turn to their smart phone. 

Are you being left behind? not sure how to be involved without spending thousands, Locate by App may be a cost-effective solution to having a digital smart phone presence without the cost.

What App is available to help me find a toilet in Australia?
I am Caravanning around Australia what Apps should I download?
Where is my closet Coffee shop?
How do I find a Coffee Cart when I am at a park?
What App is the best to help me when I am on the Gold Coast for the Commonwealth Games in April 2018?

Locate by App has Apps that answer all of these questions and the unique way they work as a location finder means they can be used a a GPS.

The added bonus they are a small program that needs little phone memory storage, so can be downloaded and ready when you need them.

If you have thought about getting an App created for your company, have a talk with us, we are willing to share our experiences with you at no cost, just Contact Us.